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Power Systems

Sapphire Technologies’ FreeSpin® In-line Turboexpander solution harnesses the power of gas expansion to make your energy recovery project a success from an environmental and business standpoint.

Sapphire has the technology, knowledge and experience to help maximize your plant efficiencies, improve productivity, reduce carbon emissions, offset electrical costs and generate additional revenue.

Increase Power.

Reduce Carbon.

Carbon emission reduction is the cornerstone of Sapphire Technologies’ mission.

Each FreeSpin® System produces 300 kW of clean power and reduces carbon emissions by 2,000 CO2e tons per year.

More Power.

Less Pollution.

Powerful Technology

Sapphire’s energy recovery systems use the latest technology to produce reliable and clean electricity. Our FreeSpin® In-line Turboexpander (FIT) operates on magnetic bearing technology, providing frictionless, oil-free and maintenance-free operation.


Cost-effective and Innovative Product

The affordable, innovative design and reliable components of Sapphire’s FIT make it a go-to-solution for many hydrogen and natural gas applications.


Clean Fuels. Clean Power.

Natural Gas

Sapphire’s FIT extracts energy from the pressure reduction required at the various stages of gas processing and distribution and allows for the generation of electricity with no added pollution.

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Sapphire’s FIT harnesses wasted energy from pressure let down in hydrogen distribution and consumption networks to produce clean power for use onsite or to be sold to the local grid.

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