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Development of a 125 kW AMB Expander/Generator for Waste Heat Recovery

The development and testing of an integrated power module (IPM) for a waste heat recovery system is described. The IPM is part of a waste heat recovery system based on the organic Rankine cycle.

Magnetic Bearing Actuator Design for a Gas Expander/Generator

A magnetic bearing system for a high-speed cryogenic gas expander generator is presented. The expander represents a new class of such devices that, in contrast to the earlier technologies, makes use of the expanding gas energy by converting it into electrical power.

Design and Shop Testing of a 165 kW Cryogenic Expander/Generator on Magnetic Bearings

A low cost cryogenic expander system that incorporates a high performance, high-speed permanent magnet generator and low loss magnetic bearings is described.

Test Results and Analytical Predictions for Rotor Drop Testing of An Active Magnetic Bearing Expander/Generator

A cryogenic gas expander system that incorporates a high-performance, high-speed permanent magnet, direct-drive generator and low loss magnetic bearings is described.

Design and Prototype Test Data for a 300kW AMB-supported Turbine Generator for Natural Gas Pressure Letdown

A 300 kw integrated and fully-sealed turboexpander-generator for natural gas pressure letdown (pld) was developed by baker hughes, a ge company (bhge), in conjunction with calnetix technologies.

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Driving Global Decarbonization

Our vision is to improve the way the world harvests and utilizes energy.

FreeSpin® In-Line Turboexpander

Sapphire Technologies FreeSpin TM In-line Turboexpander (FIT) harnesses the power of gas expansion to produce reliable and clean electricity. The FIT uses magnetic technologies that provide a way to capture the energy lost in pressure reduction.


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Hydrogen and natural gas are pressurized to facilitate efficient transportation in pipelines across long distances.

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An oil-free, hermetically sealed solution for reducing pressure in gas processing and distribution systems while generating clean power.