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Sapphire Technologies to Generate Electricity Using Waste Energy at Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal in Japan

September 6, 2022

This project marks Sapphire Technologies plans to harness wasted pressure energy on a global scale

Cerritos, CA – September 6, 2022Sapphire Technologies, developer and manufacturer of pressure energy recovery systems, and TB Global Technologies Ltd., have installed  first-of-kind FreeSpin® In-Line Turboexpanders which are under completion at a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Japan. The FreeSpin systems are designed to generate electricity using waste energy from natural gas pressure letdown at the terminal station.

The two FreeSpin® In-Line Turboexpanders are designed to generate a combined 405 kilowatts of power and a maximum of 3.5 gigawatt-hours of electricity each year; in turn offsetting 2,700 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, comparable to 5,700 barrels of oil consumed. FreeSpin systems are planned to be installed throughout the natural gas network, providing operators with a cost-effective solution to generate high-value electricity.

"We have great respect for TB Global Technologies Ltd., and we’re thrilled to be working with a company with such impressive experience in LNG technologies,” said Freddie Sarhan, CEO at Sapphire Technologies. “We plan on continuing to develop new and cost effective solutions  to harness wasted pressure energy on a global scale.” 

About Sapphire Technologies 

Sapphire Technologies is driving global decarbonization through developing and manufacturing energy recovery systems that harness the power of gas expansion to produce reliable and clean electricity. Sapphire Technologies’ systems are designed to convert energy wasted in pressure reduction processes into electric power without interrupting operations. By recovering this wasted pressure energy, Sapphire Technologies helps customers reduce carbon emissions, meet ESG goals, offset electrical costs and achieve substantial financial returns. For additional information visit: