ERCOT Market Summit 2024

Austin, TX

February 13, 2024


February 15, 2024

Understand the Impacts of the Huge ERCOT Policy, Regulatory and Market Design Changes Being Implemented Now!

The largest reforms in the history of ERCOT will be implemented over the next two years. Multiple market and rule reforms will bring enormous changes to how power sales will be rewarded, introduce new products and services to increase reliability and resilience, and initiate the $10B Texas Energy Fund, a loan guarantee and grant program aimed at jump-starting investment in dispatchable generation, BTM energy assets, and transmission infrastructure. And the potential remains for more drastic energy legislation to create policy risk for the ERCOT market in the future.

At the same time these multiple reforms will be implemented in ERCOT, a series of external shifts and challenges will be hitting the Texas power sector as well. Massive additions to load, an avalanche of new storage and generation capacity, more extreme weather, and growing price volatility will increase risks, open new opportunities, and create headaches for power asset owners, developers, wirecos, QSEs and investors. How will these changes impact market participants, and how are they planning to deal with the ongoing policy and market uncertainties?

Infocast's ERCOT Market Summit will provide an unparalleled deep dive into these impending changes, and provide serious insights into the directions they will drive the market. A stellar group of policymakers together with utility, solar, wind, IPP, finance, and trading executives will explore the tumultuous future of this massive power market, and examine the impacts on resource adequacy, power prices, project siting and bankability, and how to best meet the shifting needs of commercial, industrial, and retail customers.

This unparalleled group of experts and insiders will:

  • Assess how massive regulatory and market rule changes will impact ERCOT in 2024 and beyond
  • Evaluate how the potential solutions to increase capacity and improve reliability could affect energy costs and asset profitability
  • Explore the huge opportunities and dangers of developing storage in ERCOT
  • Understand how policy changes, permitting hurdles, supply chain issues, and load growth are affecting opportunities to deploy solar and wind in ERCOT
  • Examine how the IRA is driving hydrogen, CCS, synfuel and other industrial decarbonization efforts…and the opportunities these are opening for power providers
  • Learn what will be needed to assure the bankability of projects in ERCOT, as well as the impacts of the new IRA tax incentives

Last year Infocast's ERCOT Market Summit reached new heights in terms of attendance and audience satisfaction. Attend the ERCOT Market Summit along with 600 of your peers and take advantage of your best opportunity to connect with key players, hear their plans for the upcoming year, and discuss opportunities in today’s business environment that will lead to successful deals.