Sustain 14th Annual Energy Event

Irvine, CA

October 19, 2023


October 19, 2023

This year’s annual energy conference focuses on the various influencers impelling energy transition and the trends therein.

There is no question that energy innovation is as hot as it has ever been and, given recent funding, legislation, policy, ESG initiatives and investor and consumer demand, there is also very little question that it will only get hotter.

What is the Energy Event?

Over the years, this event has attracted thousands and continues to be a launching point for key connections and collaborations leading to economic growth and solutions for Southern California’s evolving needs and sustainability goals.


Sustain Southern California (Sustain SoCal) accelerates cleantech economic growth and sustainability initiatives through innovation, collaboration and education.

As Southern California’s population, industry, workforce and tourism continues to grow and change, it is vitally important to proactively address the region’s sustainability, environmental and infrastructure needs and objectives.

Formerly known as Cleantech OC and Sustain OC, Sustain SoCal has a long history of exploring and implementing pragmatic, real-world solutions to the challenges created by growth, change and inefficiency that face Southern California and beyond.

Challenges create opportunities.

Sustain SoCal conducts conferences, workshops and networking events to help share knowledge and establish connections that impact the economic progress and sustainable future of the area and its residents, businesses and visitors.

Working Groups create action.

Key sectors including energy, water, and transportation have their own clearly aligned working groups with Sustain Socal. And as issues evolve, new groups are created to work toward a common goal to develop workable solutions and action plans.

Sustainability Community for the region.

Sustain SoCal participants and sponsors range from startups to well-established cleantech companies, corporations of all kinds and sizes, municipal / regional / state / national governments and agencies, schools, hospitals, nonprofits, and investors.